Seems like you can’t browse the web without being two clicks away from a membership site these days. Everybody is building a membership site, from huge shops like Amazon, right on down to the competition in your specific niche. And if you do not have a membership website too, you might be missing out big time on some really sweet advantages.

Why is everyone so excited about membership sites? Have a look …

Factor 1: Membership Sites Produce a Residual Income

Among the best benefits of owning a subscription site, is that you can establish a residual earnings stream for yourself. That indicates you sell the membership site when to each member and keep making money month after month.

You’ve no doubt seen this in action a lot of times. It doesn’t even have to necessarily be a membership site, per se. The concept here is that you auto-bill clients every month (or every year), which payment provides continued access to your services and products.

Here are a few real-life examples …

  • Email service providers such as Aweber and GetResponse. These services are set up so that you pay monthly in order to get ongoing access to the autoresponder software (in addition to continued access to your lists and opt-in forms).
  • Discount rate subscription clubs like Sam’s Club. This is an offshoot of Walmart, where members pay an annual subscription fee in exchange for the ability to get huge discount rates on bulk items.
  • Amazon membership. Amazon likes memberships a lot that they actually have several memberships. Most people are familiar with the Prime membership, which provides customers complimentary two-day shipping on sometimes along with access to streaming material. Amazon also has Kindle endless (a regular monthly subscription site), as well as clubs like the Student’s Club and the Mom’s Club (which provides discount rates on diapers).

All of these examples provide significant value, so members are most likely to stay members for lots of months if not several years. You sell it once, and earnings for a long period of time to come– what’s not to like?

Now here’s another reason why subscription websites rock …

Factor 2: Subscription Sites Bring In Super Affiliates

If you set up your affiliate program so that affiliates get recurring earnings on all month-to-month costs for the lifetime of their customer, they’re going to love promoting your website. After all, it’s quite easy money for them. Much like you, they promote as soon as and earnings for months or years to come.

Let’s take a look at some more factors subscription websites are awesome …

Factor 3: Membership Sites Are Big Backend Money-Makers

Ask any marketer, and they’ll inform you that a person of their biggest properties is their client list, since they can sell a lot of additional products or services to this already-hot list.

The exact same applies to your subscription list– these people are already shown consumers, which indicates they’re incredibly available to purchase more items from you. All you have to do is drop links and a call to action in your membership website itself as well as in emails to your members, and you’ll make a whole lot of money on the backend. In fact, many membership site owners report that the backend of their site is much more lucrative than the front end!

Here’s The Bottom Line …

Membership websites rock– they’re a win-win-win proposition.

They’re convenient for the client due to the fact that the client is only required to submit an order form simply one time and get access to the product or service (as long as they do not cancel). They never ever have to worry about losing access, because the software rebills them instantly.

Subscription sites are also incredible for affiliates, who love the residual commissions that drop into their account every month. Every huge affiliate is continuously looking for these types of promotion opportunities.

And lastly, you’ve love owning a subscription website too. Crunch the numbers and you’ll find out just how profitable it is to run a subscription website on the front end– and after that just think of just how much money you’ll make on the backend from your list of tested purchasers!

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