You need a profitable traffic source if you’re going to have an online business. Where can you find this source, read on and find out?

Right at this very minute, there is somebody visiting your website.

However, they’re not just any visitor. This is a targeted visitor, somebody who is quite interested in what you’re offering. They’re looking over your deals. They read your blog. They’re clicking on your links.

And then …

They click off your page. They may have the very best objective of the world of returning– possibly they even bookmarked your site– once they leave your site, their interest is going to fade as quick as fireworks in a thunderstorm. You’re going to lose an excellent possibility permanently.

Now most online marketers understand a profitable traffic source is to capture their visitors onto a mailing list, which is why they have opt-in types all over the website. That’s a good thing. However, a lot of these same marketers simply let visitors slip away when they click the “back” button or otherwise try to leave the website. Which’s a mistake.

You see, just because somebody didn’t buy something or even join your list when they initially got here on your site does not imply “no” permanently. That’s why you require to give them a last-chance opportunity to “state” to a deal, such as a totally free lead-magnet product.

Think of it …

When the visitor very first arrived on your website, they didn’t join your list due to the fact that you had not yet constructed worth and revealed them you’re worth listening to. Simply due to the fact that you provided something before and they didn’t take it doesn’t indicate you should not provide it to them once again as they’re leaving. If you put the ideal offer in front of your exit traffic, you may just end up with an eye-popping conversion rate.

So that causes this very first question …

What is the ideal deal?

A lot of marketers put the exact same lead magnet in front of all their visitors. Sure, that will pull in a few subscribers. However if you truly desire a conversion rate that’s off the charts, then you require to offer your leaving visitors an offer that’s straight related to whatever it is they were just seeing.

If your visitor was simply looking at your sales page for canine training videos, then you can offer them one video for free if they join your list.

Or if your visitor read an article about kettlebell training, then provide them a free report on the very same subject.

Point is, the more targeted your offer is, the better your conversion rate.

Now the next concern …

How do you “capture” exit traffic?

Rerouting leaving traffic to a special deal sounds a bit technical, best? Well, the good news is that it’s a lot much easier than you think, especially if you follow these 3 steps …

Action 1: Establish an expert lead page. For this action you require an autoresponder (such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp or any other respectable email service provider), and a web page to display your deal and opt-in form.

If you’re not precisely a word-class web designer, no worries– you can still set up a great-looking lead page with simply a couple of clicks of your mouse. See –>> for more information.

Action 2: Pick a targeted deal. As mentioned above, you’ll get a much higher conversion rate if you develop multiple offers and then send your traffic to the offers most related to what they were just viewing. Simply make sure your lead magnet product is important, it’s something your visitors really want, and it’s something that will lead to a paid item purchase.

Step 3: Redirect visitors. Now here’s what a lot of individuals believe is the difficult part– how do you redirect leaving visitors to your lead page?

And now the final concern …

Where do you get all this traffic?

Naturally, your profitable traffic source of exit traffic needs to come from some place. And if your traffic logs aren’t currently flush with visitors, then you require to start creating a lot more targeted traffic.

Here’s how to do it: –>> Traffic Generation Club.

This is the best method to discover how two of the web’s leading online marketers bring in a consistent stream of traffic every day of the week– and how you can do it too. Check it out at the link above, and do it now prior to this offer disappearing.