You have an old landing page design for the amazing lead magnet you created. You have actually done your marketing research, so you know your prospects are going to fall all over themselves to get their hands on this item by joining your list.

You’ve uploaded a killer set of autoresponder emails so build relationships with these customers and close the sale. You’re almost counting your cash currently since you understand this e-mail series is going to turn leads into purchasers.

Then you release your landing page design on the world. You’re driving traffic like crazy. Your traffic logs are exploding like a sumo wrestler at an “all you can eat” buffet. Despite rocking the traffic logs, not much else is occurring.

Inform you what, when you get a huge increase of traffic but simply a trickle of traffic, then something is seriously wrong. If the traffic is targeted and the lead magnet is pretty darn amazing, then you gotta figure your landing page isn’t up to par.

So let’s review the top 2 issues with landing pages and how to fix them …

Issue 1: Bad Page Style

Copywriters will inform you that you might compose your ad copy on a piece of toilet paper, and if the message was good enough then individuals would check out each and every single word.

That sentiment makes copywriters feel all warm and comfortable, but it won’t enhance your conversion rate. You may just have people bouncing off your landing page within a 2nd or 2. A lot for developing a big list, eh?

The reality is, your page style DOES matter. That’s because your page’s style is what produces the first impression. It only takes a 2nd to make this first impression, and if it’s not beneficial then individuals will click off the page.

Let me offer you an analogy …

When your home is tidy, your visitors don’t particularly see simply how clean it is. However, if you had trash stacked to the ceilings in every room, you can bet each and every single visitor who walked through your door would notice.

The same goes for your web design. When you have a tidy, refined design, most people do not particularly see the design.

So possibly you’re not a web designer, and maybe you’re not ready to drop the $1000+ some fancy-pants, latte-drinking designer wants. No problem. Due to the fact that you do not require to have any style abilities when you have this tool: Groove.CM.

This app develops modern-day, innovative landing page designs for you with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. You never once again need to fret about losing visitors to bad design, due to the fact that Groove.CM can even create the current in landing page style, such as inserting a background video with simply a number of mouse clicks.

Point is, if you do not know a lick about web design, then stop attempting to do it yourself. If your page screams “amateur hour,” then you bet your visitors will think your products and services are old and out-of-date as well. So be sure to make an excellent impression by showcasing your items utilizing a sensational landing-page design.

Next up …

Issue 2: Ineffective Copy

While the style is essential in making that fantastic impression, it’s your real sales copy that’s going to turn these visitors into subscribers.

Now here’s the issue …

Plenty of list-builders don’t understand a feature of writing good copy. And even those online marketers who do understand how to write sales copy don’t always compose excellent copy. That’s due to the fact that they understand their lead magnet rocks, but they have a difficult time discussing with visitors why it rocks.

Let me share with you a few tips for writing incredible sales copy that grabs your visitors’ attention and gets them filling out your opt-in form …

Tip 1: Know Your Audience

Prior to you composing even one word of copy, you need to discover as much as you can about your audience. Finest method to do this is to become a part of your target audience for a couple of days. Do the things they do. Hang out in the Facebook groups and forums where they gather together and be all ears like crazy.

For instance, if you’re targeting golfers, then go golfing this weekend and invest numerous hours checking out golf forums, groups, blog site conversations and even item evaluations.

Point is, the more you learn about your target market, the simpler it will be for you to write copy that truly connects with them and interest them.

Next up …

Suggestion 2: Concentrate On Advantages

When your visitors arrive at your landing page, they wish to know what remains in it for them. Your headline, your bullets and almost every word of your copy needs to deliver the response. That’s why your copy should focus on the benefits– i.e., what will users get if they join your list?

Pointer 3: Arouse Interest

Showcasing your lead magnet’s biggest benefits will help whip up desire for your item and move people towards the opt-in button. You can give them an additional push by arousing their curiosity about an item’s benefit. That is, you tell potential customers they’ll get a benefit, however you leave it a mystery as to how it all works.

For example, maybe you have a weight-loss report, and you state something like this: “Discover the ancient herb that melts fat like crazy– it’s probably already in your cupboard!”

See how that works? Initially, you assure an advantage (melting fat like crazy), and after that you stimulate your prospect’s curiosity about which herb might provide this exciting advantage. The only method they can learn is by joining your list, so they’ll do just that in order to satisfy their interest.

So good style+ strong advantages + curiosity = one amazing landing page that transforms like crazy for you.

So Now Your Landing Page Rocks: What’s Next?

If you follow the basic suggestions above, you make sure to enhance your conversion rate. The polished tidy design invites individuals to read your landing page, and good copy keeps them hooked so they’ll drop their email address in your opt-in form.

Naturally, getting individuals to join your list is simply one little part of building a big, successful list. Once they’ve subscribed, you have to find a method to hold their attention, open all your e-mails, and click your links.

How do you do this?

It’s not something I can tell you how to do in one simple post. The good news is that somebody else has actually currently put together loads of information for you to utilize to build your own profitable mailing list. And you can get your hands on it today by click on this link: E-marketers Club.

What you’ve heard is true: the money truly remains in the list. A great subscriber list is one of the most profitable organization possessions you’ll ever own. To learn how to begin creating this sort of list for yourself by clicking the link above– and just wait till you see your subscription numbers grow like crazy!